Wednesday, May 28

quick post!

new layouts i've made. seems like it's been forever since i've scrapped!
i'll be heading to a-town with some friends for a girl's only night. staying there overnight and heading back on sun. getting ready to get my first tat! ahhhh, a little scary, i'll keep you posted when it happens!

Sunday, May 18

my weekend

my weekend went by too fast! had a nice union rep. dinner to attend on friday, j's tee-ball game sat. morning. poker game that was hosted at my house on sat. and dh's b-ball game to go to today. my chihuahua got up-to-date on his shots this afternoon, poor doggie. he got 3 shots, a bordatella vac., and blood drawn to check for heartworm. we spent some fun family time in the front yard, watering, watchin' ds play in a little pool. like i said, too fast!

Saturday, May 3

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!

Enjoy the creative day! I have a girl's night out at my house today so there will be no creating for me! have fun everyone!

Friday, May 2

CrAzY MoNtH...

the title says it all. Things have been super crazy at school. State testing was this week and I got pulled from my class to admin. to a 4th grade group. You know Texas and the craziness with TAKS. need I say more?

We've been busy b/c J's in T-ball now and C's the coach. It's fun to see this 3 y.o. so pumped about baseball. you know daddy's super excited too, we actually went to a specialized baseball store to look for a decal of his team to put on his helmet. We looked at bats, gloves, little bitty baseball pants, balls. One of the store clerks looked at my husband weird when he said "ya, i'm looking to get him some more things now that I know he's really into it." yes, people, it's been 2 YMCA seasons and we're all wrapped in it. wild. nuff said.

FIESTA in San Antonio, came and went. I hit up NIOSA with a few friends and saw a few familiar faces. If you've never been to FIESTA in San Antonio, I absolutley advice it once. Key word ONCE! It's crazy to see the city party all week long. Major streets Downtown shut down. again, craziness.

I went to another TSTA (Texas State Teacher's Associate)Convention. it's very political. Then again, that's Texas! It's hard to believe that there are many teacher's out there that are unfamiliar with their rights and do not advocate more for themsleves and their students. Now, granted I'm still learning alot. But, I'm on my journey with it. Luckily, our local quote-unquote union is very active and affiliated with many others, TFT, TSTA, AFT, NEA, list goes on.
By the way, I'm making plans to go to Washington in July for the NEA (National Education Association) Convention. My very first. This should be very interesting. Especially since one of my dear friends is taking an issue she has to this national level. Her issue? When we, teachers, administer TAKS, the state test. We have to sign an oath that can jeopardize our teaching certificate if there are any violations. What could be a violation? oh my the range, let's see: flipping through a student's test booklet, letting 2 students go to the rr at one time from the same class, discussing the test contents with others, having a cell phone on, computer on, leaving the test booklets unmonitored. i could go on. anyhow, her issue is very valid in some of these violations are beyond the teacher's control, i.e. the student choosing to cheat. the teacher could lose their certificate for this reason. this is one topic i could go on about, but let me get off my soap box and go to bed.

in other news.........Big Brother is over and my eyes are not glued to the TV for an hour every Tues., Wed., and Sun. night. Lol ;), but there's gonna be a summer season! whooohoooo!

i forgot to add... i chopped off my hair, i decided to cut it, then the stylist kept cutting and doing her own thing. i never mind when people do that. i figure, hey they know what their doing! big risk i know.... here's a pic with me and my cutie.

i'm also outta my mind, as the busy school year winds down with 22 school days left in the year i volunteered to make 65 retirement invites for the 2 retirees we have at our school. yes crazy i know!