Saturday, April 25

i made them finally!

i finally made the cute cupcake bites i wanted to make a few weeks ago. but being terribly sick with a respiratory virus, i didn't ever completely finish them. my hubby took em' to school half done and they got eaten up anyhow! :)
i found the site bakerella off of gina's blog. they are just so adorable i had to give em a try myself! i made another batch and finished them this time, so here ya go....

Wednesday, April 15

Sometimes u dont always get wht u want in life, but u can sure as hell can make changes 2 better the situation. u knw i think it's time 4 change

Tuesday, April 14

hey there blogger peeps! i'm just trying this text/cell feature out, i really hope this works!

Back in Business!

my computer was taking for ever to load any websites while i was on the net! turns out something was up with the cable modem so i've been off the net! i'd get on briefly when it was not a busy time of day, but other than that i wouldn't even get a "ready" signal. it sucked!!!! but now i'm back in the bizz! and i'm trying to learn more about posting through my phone....let's see how that goes...

i backed up on my pics from nov 2007....ahhh i know, i know i hadn't done it, i had been lazy about it! & you know i got a virus not too long ago & luckily was able to retrieve the pics so...whew! i stayed on my computer from 5:30-11:30 last night. but you know what, i got it DONE!

i also cleaned up my area a lil' and even got a layout done in the process! yeah me! i actually rearranged a little. i needed to get that little card table outta my room. i have this little computer desk that really doesn't go with my "decor", (ha if i have a "decor"!) but i fell like i can work in here again. and now with my computer working, even betta!

Monday, April 6

Scrappy April

I said I'd do some stuff scrap related over at Tallyscrapper. It's called Scrappy April. I have half my desk clean. & i haven't really been able to get busy crafting much. I really wish i didn't work! shoot, i wish i had more money to buy scrappy stuff!

I've been busy! I ran/walked the Race for the Cure on Saturday, along with 30,000 other San Antonians. It was a good experience that I will have to do again! This time I hope C can join me. He had to coach J's t-ball game that morning. And that afternoon he had a soccer game too! That boy is all sporty, I often wonder if his love for sports will continue? Time will tell.

I got one of the side effects from my antibiotic. A horrible side effect. I had to do something quick to get that straighten out. Too bad that evening J went with my parents and we could of gone out. But this incident had us turn in early that evening. boo. I hate not being able to take advantage of the night off of mommy duties!

well off i go to start the work week. good thing is that i'm off on friday. i hope to get some scrappy stuff in that day. but who knows, we'll probably end up at sea world! just like this sunday, j loves watching the dolphin show with "the crazy man". he got to see him after the show....