Sunday, September 30

i did it, now help!

i bought a new camera, love it, some features I'm struggling with & NO!!!! I don't want to sit and read a manual! Can someone give me a tutoring session?!?!? LOL
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
i think i have a slight ADD problem, i cannot even think about sitting down to read through all that! i hope to have some lovely pictures to upload very soon. i've played with it a little already and i took a few nice practice shots. Here's one of them...

some editing.....

photo editing

there's a section in tallyscrapper to add photos to. i added these before the editing and then after.

Fun Fun Fun

I had a blast scrapping at my house on Fri. Night. There were some awesome people busy making awesome stuff. Just want to say thanks to everyone who came. I enjoyed each & every one of you.

Sam, oh wowie wow, she cracks me up. I could listen to her talk for hours.

Marty's book is great, I can't wait to see the finished product. Getting messy is so much fun. That's the joy in creating. And boy did she get messy & creative!

Kim made a mum for her son. He's going to love it and really be grateful that his was made & not store bought!

Gina, what can I say, I love her style. And she is a sweetheart!

Can anyone imagine what would it have been like had we started earlier......Those who were here you know what I mean.

I had a total B-L-A-S-T!

Catching up....

trying to catch up as fast as i can on my "this is me" journal. This prompt is "in my honest opinion". Which Reads:
I watch too much Reality TV
People stalk Celebrities way too much
I spend way too much $ on scrapbook stuff
I'm loving B & W photos

Thursday, September 27

TS's Sept. Kit!!!

It had chicken wire in it! Yep, chicken wire. Which I've never scrapped with! It was so much fun to make one of my altered canvases! Here's how it turned out! Let me know what you think.....oh, btw, i made the little house out of felt! Which I need to add was inspired by Elsie.

Wednesday, September 26

take a look...

got pics from the accident! :(

Oh my, I forgot

I so forgot to show off my lss sb911's garage sale find. Take a look at these pics loaded with stuff & I forgot to add 4 packs of Chatter Box alhpa's & some rub-ons! Read about their sale on their blog. There's a pic of me digging around for stuff.

Does it happen in 3's????

I was in a 3 car accident this morning. I got rear ended!!! I'm ok, although my neck is sore & stiffening up. I've never really been in a car accident it totally freaked me out. Luckily my dh was not too far away as we were both on our way to school/work. He stopped by and stayed with me. I had a Dr's appt. & they took xrays. I'm just thankful my ds was not with me. The back of my PT Cruiser is very badly damaged. The back is all flat so it just got pushed in further and the bumper is really messed up. The other car barely had any dents, a few scratches. I'll post pics later!

All in all, bottom line, no one was really hurt. My neck is sore. {My ds's was at daycare, I'm grateful he was not with me.} The other car I bumped had no damage, so she left. And the person that hit me was fine.

The 3's title? ds had strep last Mon., took him in yesterday for croup, & now the car accident! wow!

Monday, September 24

The Cover

So I'm going to try to keep up with the This is Me Journal. Here's a pic of my cover...

Sunday, September 23

Lookie Lookie What I Found...

I love to sit here and search the net, I could waste hours finding scrapping stuff! Well today I found THIS! I can't wait to start. There's so many projects I have going on right now. Things floating in my head... what a perfect place to put them down on paper! In my This is me journal! Off to get started! Wish me Luck with keeping up with it!

Sunday, September 16

Fun, Fun....

I taught my first scrapbook class at SB911 last Sun. It was so much fun!!! I thought it might have been difficult, you know transitioning from teaching children to adults, but you will not believe how awesome it went. Everyone was so nice and I got lots of smiles, which meant everyone was pleased! All of the clear albums came out great! I like to see how everyone adds their own "touch" to it! Here's a little pic for ya! BTW, Gina stopped in and took this pic! (I added the touch up.) I finally got to meet her, we've been blogging back & forth, so it's nice to finally meet. She's super sweet & nice! Thanks Gina for the shout out on the blog!

Saturday, September 1

It's Up!

My class is up on Scrapbook 911's blog!!! I have some spot available. There's also a really neat Halloween class taught by the wonderful Jennie. Read all about it!


I did this tonight. After about 2 1/2 weeks of not scrapping I finally got something done!!!