Thursday, October 25


Yep my guilty pleasures.....

hobbies & fave friend

these are for my this is me jounral! i know, i'm really behind!!! I'll catch up eventually!

Monday, October 22

I got sick! :(

My birthday was Sat. and I got sick that day. I went to the Med Clinic to get it checked out. I had chills, body aches, throat hurt, and my head was pounding. Well the doctor breifly checks me out and says he doesn't think it could be strep but that he could be wrong. They swab my throat and sure enough, I have STREP!!!! I spend that rest of the night tossing and turning, uncomfortable, couldn't breathe good and unable to sleep. I spend some time on Sun. resting too. I think I'm starting to feel a little better, mainly because I optted to take the shot. Yep, in the boot-tay!

Well, what a way to spend my day! Luckily I had gotten my camera as my b-day gift a few weeks earlier! I had a great time going out with my hubby and friends on Fri. night before the strep took it's course!

Wednesday, October 10


I hate it when I can't scrap all the time. Do I really have to go to work? lol
I made a 2 pager over the weekend. Recently I've been inspired by Pip's blog. She rocks the freestyle 2 pagers. Check her blog out here. Trying to get back to working with 2 pagers, you know just change it up a bit!

I still had to sneak in a one pager yesterday. It's for the Survivor thing at Tallyscrapper. This layout was fun to do. painted on it, stamped, doodled. fun, fun! Dh always says I love you this much! He holds his front of his hands back to back to make a full circle, never ending. {not much of a romantic} but i will take the cute comment!

Fall Fun...

J started tee ball on Sat. very interesting to see him play on a team. the first time he batted, he hit the ball....well shall i say tapped the ball, it rolled a few feet in front of him and he pounced on it. he was the first one to get to it and then all the other players from the other team piled on. i had to inform everyone that yep!!!! he's an only child! he has to hit the ball to himself and catch it himself!

After the game we stopped by a pumpkin patch. this is on of my fave pics from it. there's something about these rows of pumpkins that makes me smile!

then we had a blast carving them at my mom's house! made a mess there! lol not at my house. loved this pic of the lighted jack o'laterns!