Monday, December 31

btw, it's new year's eve soooo...


another layout & new blog header

i changed my blog header....finally. yes i know it was really basic and just plain. so i finally changed it. let me know what you think

i also completed a layout for the Scrapping the Music challenge. they have these great challenges every week. this week just inspired me enough to scrap a lo pronto! so run on over and check it out yourself, every week they have a different song that you can interpret in your own way.

thx to Rachel aka TallyHo for showing us about this great blog!

Sunday, December 30

online crop

so at tally there was a crop going on and i managed to get some lovenote cards done and one layout! they have been uploading things like crazy over there. there really is some awesome stuff and a ton of challenges that you can enter for a chance to win some cool prizes. go, run, check it out!

and let's not forget this, it took me a while to get going, so i changed my avatar to....

Friday, December 28

I *heart* this pic....

This is one I especially love. I'm really in awe that I took this pic!

a little late....

Merry XMAS!!!!
In early December we took J Downtown to see the lights, took pics by the Rivercenter Tree and the Alamo, and then we ate some yummy Tollhouse cookies sitting by the river! I just wanted to share those pics!

Wednesday, December 12

No f-ing WAY!

ok, at times i'm able to search/read blogs, (which, by the way, i have come to love!) the internet truly amazes me in how i can find anything, about everything by the typing/clicking of my fingertips!
Need something to get you in the holiday crafting mind?????
Here's one truly amazing find....

the 12 Tags of Christmas at
Tim Holtz blog

Check it out F-A-S-T!!! I need to get some tags! ASAP

Monday, December 3

Where Did I go?

ok, ok i've been hiding a little. I've run into many of you and the ? being asked is... where have i been? truthfully, honestly and sadly, i've been extremely busy. here's my list:

hubby's been coaching, basketball season has started and we are trying to go to most of the games. J loves it. He really gets into them and cheers, "Go Blue!"

the holidays hit hard, money's tight and i can't help but want to spend on scrapping stuff. if i'm online, i'll want to buy it all. i joke that i'm a new product whore, ok, junkie sounds better. i'll admit i'm a junkie for cool new things, my quick fix: but something new and it makes me "ahhh"

school. ah school. staying late. working hard. all i can say is it's been an extremely rough year and tough altogether. my hubby's insight to make the situation better is "the school year's 1/4 of the way over" (we just completed the 1st 9 weeks!) he's always so positive! you gotta love it.

lastly, this blog was created for my scrapping stuff, creative sharing. what have i created to share with ya? nada, lately. my mojo will return....... someday, just not soon enough! lol

i did scrap a few layouts that i have yet to post on here, so....
to be continued....