Sunday, October 10

2 A's & in it!

Thought I'd update with a loooonggg overdue post. So what's been going on lately? I ace'd my first sememster in Grad School!!!! Two courses kicked my butt in the summer. Now we're all back in the routine of the school year: me with teaching, my J with his first year in public school & the hubby about to start coaching soon, it's going to be tough working full time and taking one course. BUT, I will survive! I will! I have to, you know?

The other reason I figured I'd make a post?!?!? I need to make a change with something & I have always stated that you can't complain about something without you attempting to being that strong force that enables the change you want......SO........I AM MAKING A CHANGE! I have this fear of failing at this since I have failed so many times over so many years so I will not stated what it is, just know that I am making a change for the betterment of my life. 'nuff said. period. period. period. Have a great Columbus Day! I'm out!

Friday, June 11

I did it!

I am currently enrolled at UNT in the School Librarian Certification program. I just started classes this week, two classes to be exact! It seems like it could get hectic at times, but I know I'm really going to miss scrapping and creating this summer. I like to use my summers to really catch up on my scrapbooking and card making, but it looks like I may be doing it ever so often. Wish me luck! :) It seems like I've been bombarded with school work, I hope to get some scrapping &/or crafting in this summer.....

Thursday, January 7

So maybe if I state it here on this blog I'll have to do it! I want to start my masters, soon!

Thursday, December 24


havent been updating but wanted to say....

Christmas Pictures, Images and Photos

Wednesday, July 22

Basketball Pics

my hubby volunteered me to take my son's team pics. here's what i came up with. i used my new pse, with a combination of picnik and picasa to help me with the editing. now if only i could manipulate my camera more. i think it came out alright. hey it's much cheaper to do this rather than order from the regular company.

Tuesday, July 21

this weekend

we went out this weekend with some friends to a salsa/merengue dance club. we went to arjon's we had so much fun dancing away....

on friday i also met up with some friends, gracie, beth & rhonda for lunch at blanco cafe. i miss rhonda being here in san anto, she's up in south carolina and came down to visit. we cuaght up, laughed, drank big red and ate good mexican food. she doesnt get much of that in sc.

we went to this cute mexican art shop next door and i bought some neat things. here are some pics from that.

Wednesday, July 15

i got a laptop.....Finally!

it's here....

i've been on it for hours. i'm sure the time will pass when you can pry me off of it. k, now for updates:

-i attended the tally rally in temple, tx at Rockin R Retreats, had a blast
-got lots of layouts to share
-learned a new technique, sewing on layout
-i have a massive wishlist now
-met new friends irl!
-got a new paper trimmer, the tonic
-want to learn more from my friend MartyMar, kwim? wink*

now i'll be updating more often peeps, keep me in mind, you'll have to chk out this blog more often, stay tuned for more updates!