Thursday, August 14

bye for a while....

well, u know by now i peek in & then disappear soooo...... since i offically reported back today, i know i will be gone alot more. i am teaching pre-kiner this year, and i just know that i will be busy making things for my classroom and little ones instead of surfing the net, hangin out at tally or creating scrap goodies! so ta-ta for now. i promise, take that back, i pledge to try my hardest to peek in often. but, big BUT.... BB10 is still on so my free time will be watching my DVR'd shows! love ya! smooches!

Friday, August 8

My first Tatt!

well i can say i never went through the crazy, just-turned-18, let-me-prove-my-independence tattoo business. on the other hand i did get my belly button and tongue pierced, my way of saying all of the above stage! so i thought i'd never really go through with getting one because i had passed that stage right?! WRONG! terribly wrong. all it took was a little convincing of some friends and a supportive hubby and well whataya know i have this.... this is the before pic of me & a during

story behind the tatt, there's 5 of us getting the same one, all high school buddies. the only difference between them is that the colors rotate, we picked the color we liked and that's the main big star, and the others are the colors that our friends choose. does that make sense? i can't wait till it heals a little more so that i can put on regular shoes, wearing flipflops for a week & a half is getting sooo old, not to mention not being in the sun or the pool in this 100 degree days we've been having.

i'd like to go to the gym and get back to training for, ahhhh, shall i say it?!??! the rock n'roll marathon going on here in Nov. I would like to try the half marathon & i was doing good like for week1 and then i got the tatt, which put me off track. i'm glad to hear an old friend of mine started a blog on a 5K training.

i scrapped a little yesterday i was challenged at tally to scrap & post a layout in 1 hour as here's my creation...

and last....i've been obessed with watching BigBrother 10, the drama that went on yesterday was great! if you're not watching this, you should! i've even been stalking a BB10 blog!

Wednesday, August 6

so i've been away!

i took a long break from bloggin'! ha! yea, right! i'm just a bad blogger that's all!i went to NEA in Washington and Las Vegas. both in July. it has taken me forever to start creating again. I made a b-day card the other day and realized how much i've missed making things. so with that said.... i made an altered tool holder for my (shhh!!!, it's a secret)

joined a challenge, again over @ tally for the ugliest pp! i had to use it all up and make some cards

i also made a mini for someone else...(another secret)

and last but not least, a layout of my precious family