Tuesday, March 25


I'm trying out for the DT spot at Tally. they base their 6 open spots for DT members by having a gallery that is only for DT hopefuls. other tallymembers will disperse tallypoints among the layouts/scrap related itmes in this gallery. your allowed 3 layouts for this entry. I uploaded my lastest layout "Bad Habit", "Promise" and "You Hold the Key". so if your a tallymember go on over and help a girl out. if your not, become a member, it's such an awesome place to hang out and a very welcoming community of scrappers await to meet you.

Thursday, March 20

SC Tally Rally

It's so on! I played the "october's my birthday" card to get $$$ from our budget for the South Carolina Tally Rally. Read all about it on Jan's blog. There's a list of awesome scrappers going. Not to mention it's being held at Scrapbook Creations, they have a Scrapbook Cottage. I'm so excited! Can October get here fast enough? I have a very, very close friend who lives in Rockhill, SC too. I've yet to visit her. I'm gonna see if she would like to join. It may be hard to leave my family and miss a day from work, but I'm sure I'll quickly forget once I get to scrapping! Have a great Good Friday!

Wednesday, March 19

We tried!

Well, we tried to go to Sea World, just dh & I, day got off to a slow start. I hung out for a while at Tally and SIS. So you know that took up some time! There's great scrap inspiration over there and meeting other online scrappers is always fun. I wish I was out of debt to attend all these Meet-up Crops going on. I tell myself in due time, in due time.

Okay, back to the Sea World story, we drove over there, like 10 mins. from my house, took 4-eva to find parking, get in, and then just decided it's way, WAY, way too crowded to stay and wait for ride. Instead what did we do?
Scrounged up the last few bucks we had and stopped off at DQ for a banana split. We had to share. Enjoyable adult time with my dh still happened, just not kidless at Seaworld. We both figured, hey we're teachers we can come back on a less crowded day in the summer. One of the luxuries of teaching! Ever heard the saying, The best 3 things about this job? June, July, & August! lol :P

oh btw, finally created a lo using the kit from RVKC....

Tuesday, March 18

Spring Break is Here!

Yep, I'm on my break. Ask me what I've got done round the house? nada. I'm dying to scrap something. Hopefully the creative juices will start to flow. I've had a chance to get on Tallyscapper a little more, and let's not forget had more time to stalk a Big Brother Blog I found. I'm so addicted it's crazy. I loved last season with Dick and Dani and all that drama. This season is proved interesting with the couple thing in the beginning, there's been lots of surprises. Let's not forget The Hills will be starting soon. Yep, I'm a Reality TV whore. I'm kinda stunned that I never got into Survivor. I know lots of people watch it.

On a more personal note,
Things on the homefront are going good. we're have lots of family time together and have even gotten a few weekends where my mom has babysat so that we can have a date night. We started carpooling since he's done with coaching. And now I have had lots of time to catch up on some TV watching. wait this should be scrapping time. The hubby's even taken steps to stop coaching all together. I think it's hurt alot of our relationship, as well as our family. He's missed out on alot. High school football, basketball and at times track is just too much time gone. We're working hard to get through this tough time and it's proved evident since I'm no longer able to be glued to the computer searching through message boards and galleries!

btw, to all my local buddies. Call me, email me, message me through tally so that we can crop some. I'm dying to have some friends over to do this.

Friday, March 7

Happy Birthday Dr. Suess!

It's that time of year again! We celebrated Dr. Suess's birthday by going around to school's dancing and parading through the halls. I was "The Cat in the Hat" today and got so tired from all the visits we made. It was so worth it to see the kids' faces light up from excitement. This is my 3rd year doing it. Saturn donates the gas and cars for us to drive around in. We took a group picture. Take a guess which one is me....

Then I took a quick pic with my mom, whom was daring in joining us to help out for the day. She loved it!

Saturday, March 1

to kit or not to kit?

i finally decided to snatch up a kit from Red Velvet Girls! I've been eyeballing those kits for a while now. Love all the stuff that comes in their kits! I finally have a few extra bills to donate to my scrap fund. Being in debt bites, but I can happily say it's being worked on and my DH has allotted "Roni" $ to spend as I please! Take a look at my closet and you can tell I need to update the wardrobe. But do you think I'd spend my money on clothes or scrapping supplies? yep. you know the answer to that one.

on a different note, DH's done with coaching. done forever? not quite sure yet. but for now! we are having more family time and us time, so where'd my scrap time go? I need to sneak some time for me to scrap.
and scrap soon.
i'm feenin'.
but, with my recent kit purchase, hopefully you'll see me get back the mojo!
seems like the LOAD challenge sucked up my scrapping juices.
will it flow again?
soon. i hope.