Wednesday, January 30

Load #28 & 29

i'm almost done!!!!!

Load #22-#27

still hanging on......

Tuesday, January 22

Almost there!

I'm getting excited that I'm getting close to accomplishing my LOAD goal of 31 lo's in 31 days. So it got me to thinking about my next scrapping goal for the year of 2008?

I was thinking I was going to shoot for 1/2 of 365, for the days in the year. But, I thought damn that's way too much. like 80 something too much.

So, my next thought, maybe 110 layouts, that'll be 52 weeks x's 2.

I think that is a goal I can make. Hey and if I surpass it then Hell Yea!

Wish me luck... or maybe make a new goal suggestion... any ideas?

LOAd #18-21

some days i just had to scrap crappy layouts! lol
you can't always rock them huh?


where have i been? dealing with some personal shit!

i told myself that this blog was going to be scrap related. so i'm gonna try to stick to that. i'll go through some everyday things here and there. but this is too personal to let the www in on! lol

my close friends and tally friends can pretty much guess what's up. but keeping it on the DL otherwise!

anyhow, here's my LOAD layouts.... #14-17

Sunday, January 13

catching up LOAD#10-13

on posting my LOAD layouts, stilll hanging in there despite everything going on! thank you for all of your encouraging words.

Wednesday, January 9

day 9 & still strong!

here's to keeping it up!

Tuesday, January 8

day 7 & 8, + Jan tally art journal entry

still hangin'! my lo today had to be the fastest layout i've ever scrapped! I know my friend Jess would be impressed!

Sunday, January 6


my LOAD #6. watched a movie last night 300 that was one bloody movie, i was screaming ewwww a few times.

day five

Load #5 still keeping up!

Saturday, January 5

last night....

started my art journal, you can read about it on a tally post. i completed my cover. Marty, marty, marty came over last night. always a blast. we scrapped some and talked some, and talked some more. love having her over. mucho fun. have a great Saturday!

other tidbits....
i'm loving watching junk tv, i seriously need to get back to work. my current faves of the moment...
girls next door
The Bad Girls Club
i've been catching their re-runs. i know junk tv! i should be doing other things! :)

Friday, January 4

Day 4

i've been on track so far, new year, new goals

Thursday, January 3

Day 2 & Day 3

for the LOAD challenge.

Tuesday, January 1

My 1st LOAD layout

crazy pics i know, but what better way to have fun than act like a child every once in a while!

new year, new challenge

I dare you to sign up for 31 layouts in 31 days.....

I think I'm out of my own mind myself, so why don't you join me?

I first heard of this challenge through tallyscrapper. My initial thought was "hell no" I'm not going to be able to do this. But, I JUST have to take it on. What's a challenge meant to do anyhow? Challenge you!!!!! Okay to be perfectly honest, shhhhhh don't tell any1, but you have a chance to win some prizes too. So that helped in the convincing! Run over to check it out for yourself, it's called:

Get a LOAD of This!
January's Layout-a-Day Challenge

Challenge yourself.
Hey, I figured it's winter, it's cold. It's basketball season still. The hubby's coaching therefore, not home much. I work during the day. I have my son every night, therefore I feel like a single mom. I'll put him to bed and scrap the stress away.
Join me.
I dare you.
Take on the challenge.
I double dare you.