Thursday, August 30

missing you.

My mojo went out the window as fast as it could when I had to report back at school. I'm totally missing scrapping!! A few of us got together last weekend and had a few beverages, but I did no scrapping. yep, none. :( I had an absolute blast hanging with all the girlies though. That was so much fun, we talked and talked. Reminded me of the high school days when the girls just gab away. That was us.

I miss scrapping.
I miss the "my time".
I miss logging in at tally.
I miss my free-no work time.
I miss hanging out with my son.
I miss taking him to SeaWorld.
I miss seeing my hubby for more than 1 hour in a day.
I miss making all of us breakfast for more than one day a week-Sundays.
I miss sleeping late.
Oh boy, do I miss my sleep.
I miss being stressed free.
I miss alot of things right now.

I want to get my creavitiy going again.
I want to have a few drinks.
I want to hang out with my friends.
I want to go on an grown up night out. No kids.
I want to go out to a club and dance with my hubby.

I see kids all week, all day
and then I have my little one at home too.
I worked from 7:30 am to 5:20 pm today.
I usually work all day, pick up my son, cook us dinner, hang out with him for a few hours, try to catch one of my shows, sneak on the net for a few mins., give my son a bath, do the night routine and then put him to bed.
By that time,
I'm done.

Thanks, needed to vent.
Needed to get that out.

Saturday, August 11

Do you ever have time?

time to do it all?

there's people i know in this net world who are always blogging (have like 3 of them), scrap like nobody's business, complete all challenges, daily life scrapping, and deck of me cards, are uploading layouts to flickr to share with others, uploading layouts to scrap submit, and printing their pics at home to start that whole cycle over again?

oh & did i mention they always have the newest product which means they are either at their local scrapbook store snatching it up before everyone else, or surfing the net ordering off of a site! geez, more time on the computer. oh and let's not forget chatting with friends and posting messages on the boards.

lately i've been on the computer ALOT! which means i've been surfing b/c you guys know i have not been blogging. i joke with the husband that i need a laptop with wireless internet so that at least i could go to bed early.
how do some of you guys do this?

oh i think i can add another thing to that list... they also have time to edit their digi pics! do you have time to do all this?

aren't there kids to bathe, mouths to cook for, houses to clean, errands to run, ways to earn $?????? could i add more to THAT list?

An excitement to share.....

well, i've always wanted to do more with my scrapping and i've recently had a few little toots getting pubbed in 2 online mags, but i want to do more. what more can i do? a great next step would be to start teaching at one of the local scrap stores here in san antonio. yes, ladies & gents, i will start teaching classes at Scrapbook 911!

my first class will be on making a fun, trendy clear mini album all about "my loves"! it will be on sun., sept. 9th and will include many cool things: heidi swapp masks, paint dabbers, love elsie paper, bling, ribbon, primas..... this is going to be so much fun! read more about it here.

here's a preview of the class, one pic to get you intrigued!
Clear Album-Side

Tallyscrapper Aug. Kit

I got the Aug. Kit last Friday and went straight to work on it! I created 3 layouts using it. i'm posting it really last beacuse things have been hectic. it seems like i got hit with lots to do this week. there was an inservice i had to attend, a deadline i set for myself to make a clear mini album for a class i will be teaching at my lss, Scrapbook 911. i'll post more about that in a few.
Best Friends
Cowboy Breakfast
While Counting

Thursday, August 2

A favorite

Check out my clear ric-rac! love playing with the clear stuff now!
Tomorrow's agenda: To crop at my friend's house! All day!