Wednesday, December 31

happy new year's eve!

we're ready!
ready for the new year.
ready for new changes in our house.
ready for new things.
ready for new changes in me, personally.

damn that reminds me i need to get to scrappin' more.

ready to be a better wife..... nicer, more caring, more appreciative.
ready to have a mini vacation with my cozy family.
ready to plan big vacations.....i traveled ALOT this year, NEA in Washington, Vegas with hubby & friends, Scrap Retreat in SC.
ready to get to know my online friends more.
ready to see Jess's baby.
possibly ready to plan a baby of our own.
ready for J to start basketball at the Y.
& of course ready for all the other sports he wants to keep up, baseball
ready to try sushi.
ready for another tatt.
ready to take a romantice getaway without any worries.
ready for a garage sale, damn you should see my garage. you can't even walk in it.

needless to say i'm ready, we're ready. bring it on 2009. make it a great year!

here are some recap pics from our holidays & some random ones too....

Wednesday, December 3

i've been gone a while so i thought i'd catch ya'll up........

thanksgiving came & went too damn fast for me, as u knw i'm a school teacher so i just thought i'd get all kinds of things done while on vacay! yeah right!!!!!! my kitchen floor is still torn up, we deposited the check from the insurance but since it's such a large amount, the bank takes 5 days to process, a plus dh's uncle's gonna fix all the things on his own & install a new laminate floor! yes, laminate, that's what i decided on.

i did get my living room painted! i'll upload pics soon, before & after, sold my coffee table and end tables on craig's list, bought some new furniture. now i'm just counting down the days till winter break. i'm dying to create something, mostly b/c i bought some things @ joann's after the "black friday" sale & i managed to find a cuttlebug w/ a die on craig's list for $25, yea a steal i would say!!!!!!

my friend barbara & another friend showed me the wonderful world of nestablities from spellbinders and i just knew i wanted some of them! i have NEVER ever wanted a die cutting system! i mean never in all the years crafting.

good dh has officially started the bball season w/ him being the head coach, i really want success for him. i pray for it. he does so well with the kids, they just need to work hard & trust him so that they can have a winning season. we've (ds & i) have been going to his bball games, he's had 3 big games,vs. good teams. his team does really well, they just can't finish a game well. which put their record at 0 wins-3 losses. yesterday was different.............. they won a very difficult game vs. a great private school team, i mean this game was difficult. they are an all boys school with a great supporting crowd who gets loud and all in the players head. i mean there's about 40 of them in the stands the yell creative chants. dh's team was doing well then lost their lead in the 3rd quarter and ended the game in OT, they ended up winning by 1 b/c one of his player made a 3 point shot w/ about 3 seconds left. it was nuts!!!! i'm really proud of him & his team. they other team's coach is really good too, he's won about 2 state championships in his coaching career. i knw i had shared w/ u guys haw hard it is on me to have him gone so much but it's funny to say that now i KNOW i made the right choice in having him decide whether to go for that head job. he was going to totally give up coaching b/c of our past troubles in our relationship. i mean it's still hard for me, but i can see when he got his "1st head bball coach WIN" it is truly what he loves to do.

oh & we took some xmas pics @ sears

i hope to get back in the swing of things soon so i can create more. i miss every1 but u know on tues. & fri. nights i'll be @ bball games

here's a pic, that's the dh in the brown suit & yellow shirt, check out the crowd in the background, plus all the cheerleaders