Tuesday, September 30

Already Oct.?

yep, tom. will be here soon and Oct. will hit me hard! I'll be turing the big shhhhhh...... 3-0! oh, oh! My ds will turn 4 a week and a day after that and I'll be headed to SC for a visit with one of my best friends and to meet up with some new ones! yep, the Tally Rally in SC will be here next week! I leave on Thursday night and won't get back home until Mon. this is going to be an exciting trip for me. i feel kinda of funny meeting up with the some of the tally girls, being that i've only known them through tally. (which i tend to not get on as much since school has started) i've been really busying teaching pre-k. i've been making all kinds of things for my classroom. slowly, yes very slowly it's getting to where i'd like it.

sometimes i feel that i don't share enough with my buddies online. it's hard to let it all out. i always feel that i have a professional job with teaching and have to keep some kind of private life. you know not let all my business out there. you hear those stories about some teacher did this or that. sometime the situations get blown outta porportion. but i'm gonna be better at sharing. i have to promise this to stick to it!!!! lol

other news: the marathon training went out the window when i got my foot done. it needed a while to heal and then before you knew it school started and i was floored by all the things i needed to do to get my class adjusted, my teaching routines, etc. i've been a busy bee. i have not scrapped since Aug. 22nd. C-R-a-Z-y!!! i'm in a dead scrappin' spell. i've gotten a few mags in the mail with not much inspiring. I love to get into online galleries to help the mojo flow, but the computer time has been used to check myspace, clean out my email inbox, design document for classroom centers, get ideas from sites for school, and printing them. i've managaged to pop into some blogs and get inspired to share more. how often do you blog? maybe i can find a happy medium that fits my lifestyle.

j started t-ball and soccer on sat. he had his first practices of the fall season. then his second practice yesterday and today. big game day coming on sat. he has an 8:00 t-ball game and then 9:20 soccer. kid will be 4 soon and he's ready to go with both sports. i'd never push him in to both. he asked if he could, we explained that the games would be on the same day and probably one right after the other. didn't matter much his mind was made up. hummmmm...., wonder where he got that quality from????

tata for now, i think that has to be one of the longest posts in a while. i have to make up for not posting anything in a month and a half!!!

by the way, i'm hoping to take up a new form of exercising, my lovely friend Marty-Mar will assist this with me. Read her blog and you will get the hint!