Monday, March 30

sick or not

this is day 4 of being sick!!! bummer. total bummer. but i have to motivate myself. i want to post a pic of what my scrappy space looks like now and maybe, just maybe i can make it much messier by the end of the day by scrapping something? what do you think? can i do it? maybe, maybe not because i feel like i really just need to go lay down and rest. but if it's posted here in blog land maybe i can get a layout done by friday! i have to stick to it, since i posted it here!

Sunday, March 29

my momma loves me

oh & my daddy too! they bought me this cute white shelf for my scrap room. would you believe we were driving to the zoo with j and while going the long way around because moms doesn't like to drive on the highway, we saw some like rummage sale on the side of the road. i saw this shelf from the street and ask them to pull over. you know my a$$ was broke and my parents told me to ask how much. the lady said $25 and we offered $15 she said $20 we said $18! what a steal! i painted it black and here ya go.......

a pretty new shelf


i've been sick with a respiratory infection. i feel horrible, my body aches, i've been having sweating outbursts, then later on in the day i'll be having chills. i hate this. i just wanna get better. the medicine i'm taking only helps a little and i can't miss too many more days of work, they'll start to deduct my paycheck! ugh!

Monday, March 23

wht's up

life: i've been going to a chiropractor lately. i'm hoping to get my back & neck better. i had a minor fender bender a day before v-day and the neck & back pain started immediately. i went to my general pract. but i just got ibuprofen 800 & muscle relaxers, which masked the pain for a lil' while. so now i'm getting popped and pulled hoping it'll help. we'll have to see. in the past week, i have felt an improvement.

i got in some good scrapping not to long ago. well actually it was our spring break so i went to a wed. crop at a lss and was able to get in some lo's. i'll have to take pics and upload. i also found a cute shelf at a rummage sale. i just painted it black today. i'm hoping it'll help free up some space in my armoire. i'll take pics of that too!

so good to hear that Jess's baby Gywneth is finally here! i still owe here a "good" baby gift! i got you girl. worried about a few of my friends. that's been one of the reason's i've been away. i've had to comfort a very close friend of mine through some hard times.

my kitchen floor is still not fixed. the past 3 months have been really hard financially. someone, shall remain nameless for fear of hurting feelings, did some bad budgeting and our "extra" money has vanished. in jan. my water heater broke, my car needed over $1,000 in repairs, had an accident the very next day in my hubby's car, another $500 deductible, in which another $200 had to come outta our pockets because some psycho jumped on my car windshield and traumatized myself and J-yes just 4 yrs. old. which was a different accident from feb.'s

my hubby and i are going to do Komen's Race for the Cure on April 4th. i'm hoping to teach summer school which will help with the extra things we need to get done. i'm going to another TallyRally in July. i went to austin for lobby day to speak with state legislators regarding educational issues. i'm hoping to go to another house of delegates meeting in houston to represent our local union.

did i catch everyone up?