Tuesday, October 21

Sunday, October 19

the big 3-0

tomorrow's the big day. i'm not really ready, but then again who ever is???
i had a blast last night, lots of my friends went out with us to this cool spot downtown. we drank, and then drank some more. it's always nice when you have all your friends around you that love you. but then today i wake up and off we go! on the go again, pick up j at grandparents' house, off to the mil's for her bday gathering, then back home to do laundry. this next week is gonna be hectic. we have teeball practice on mon., soccer practice on tues. then off to Lack's to purchase some new living room furniture. yea!!! then that leads us into the next weekend, which is j's bday. gotta get all that stuff ready too. not to mention the sofa's will need to be delivered over the weekend. we need to declutter the house and rearrange soem things too. all my scrap stuff needs to be moved into the extra bedroom, you know i really wanted it in the kitchen so that i could scrap in an open area to keep an eye on j. but i find i don't have a kitchen table, so my scrap armoire needs to be in a room, outta plain sight, cause you know i don't clean up after i scrap! lol alwyas lots to do, gotta run now! maybe i can blog tom.!!!

Monday, October 13

In SC!!!

i'm loving being here in sc! it's so beautiful. i've meet lots of tallygals at this tallyrally and spending time with Rhonda and Jess aka tallylibrarian has been a blast. i hope i can do this again soon. i almost took the cake with spending the most $$$. jess of course beat me by $8. i really took advantage of spending $$$ on scrappin' stuff. i've been wanting the amy butler tote, i've seen it at hobby lobby before too. i coulda used a coupon on it, but i always have an excuse. well not this time, i picked it up right away. partially b/c scrapbook creations had a coupon that could be used on for 40% off your next purchase on your next visit. well, i had no shame and made mention of "when's the next time i'll be near sc and drop in to use my coupon????. the coupon said the next time you visit and technically the first time i was there was fri. night and my next day was sat. so i used the coupon!!!!

one other thing that made my trip was a cute little waiter at ruby tuesdays. i know, i know. no biggie, he just called me sweetie and sweetheart a few times and i ate it up. is that bad???? NO! but i enjoyed the extra attention. i think it has alot to do with me hitting 30 soon. i'll take the younger generation flirts while i can still get them. the mango margaritas were awesome too! we ate at a cool hibatchi place too. that was off the chain, i've never been so it was a great first, i ended up eating some great shrimp with some fried rice.

it was supa cool to meet people that i've been getting to know online. i've never done anything like that before either. it's always cool to meet other scrappers, i like to say i'm a people person who is better at getting to know people in person. sometimes it's hard to just throw yourself out there but as a few posts ago, i'm trying to get better with that right???? yep!

i gotta add that cute sidebar thing that has everyone's blog. i need to make sure i can keep up with everyone that i meet at the tallyrally!!! oh, before i 4get, the pics will come soon, i'll upload them when i get home, i fly back tom.

oh i forgot to mention that i walked outta there with 13 or so mini albums, wow!!!!!! how am i ever gonna do all those????? jess claims i'm the mini book queen. how many have you seen me do? i'm sure i agree with that comment that was made before i rec'd all the mini's. well i guess i have to be now huh?

Thursday, October 2

let the juice flow

scrapped a little yesterday. i did the gutter girlz challenge:

and then a quick one: