Wednesday, October 10


I hate it when I can't scrap all the time. Do I really have to go to work? lol
I made a 2 pager over the weekend. Recently I've been inspired by Pip's blog. She rocks the freestyle 2 pagers. Check her blog out here. Trying to get back to working with 2 pagers, you know just change it up a bit!

I still had to sneak in a one pager yesterday. It's for the Survivor thing at Tallyscrapper. This layout was fun to do. painted on it, stamped, doodled. fun, fun! Dh always says I love you this much! He holds his front of his hands back to back to make a full circle, never ending. {not much of a romantic} but i will take the cute comment!


GINAJAM said...

Great layouts, girl!

I saw your new layouts for your classes you'll be!

How's everything nowadays? Feeling ok? Car ok?

Jess said...

Awesome pages!!

You've been tagged!! Check out my blog for details!!