Monday, December 3

Where Did I go?

ok, ok i've been hiding a little. I've run into many of you and the ? being asked is... where have i been? truthfully, honestly and sadly, i've been extremely busy. here's my list:

hubby's been coaching, basketball season has started and we are trying to go to most of the games. J loves it. He really gets into them and cheers, "Go Blue!"

the holidays hit hard, money's tight and i can't help but want to spend on scrapping stuff. if i'm online, i'll want to buy it all. i joke that i'm a new product whore, ok, junkie sounds better. i'll admit i'm a junkie for cool new things, my quick fix: but something new and it makes me "ahhh"

school. ah school. staying late. working hard. all i can say is it's been an extremely rough year and tough altogether. my hubby's insight to make the situation better is "the school year's 1/4 of the way over" (we just completed the 1st 9 weeks!) he's always so positive! you gotta love it.

lastly, this blog was created for my scrapping stuff, creative sharing. what have i created to share with ya? nada, lately. my mojo will return....... someday, just not soon enough! lol

i did scrap a few layouts that i have yet to post on here, so....
to be continued....

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