Sunday, October 19

the big 3-0

tomorrow's the big day. i'm not really ready, but then again who ever is???
i had a blast last night, lots of my friends went out with us to this cool spot downtown. we drank, and then drank some more. it's always nice when you have all your friends around you that love you. but then today i wake up and off we go! on the go again, pick up j at grandparents' house, off to the mil's for her bday gathering, then back home to do laundry. this next week is gonna be hectic. we have teeball practice on mon., soccer practice on tues. then off to Lack's to purchase some new living room furniture. yea!!! then that leads us into the next weekend, which is j's bday. gotta get all that stuff ready too. not to mention the sofa's will need to be delivered over the weekend. we need to declutter the house and rearrange soem things too. all my scrap stuff needs to be moved into the extra bedroom, you know i really wanted it in the kitchen so that i could scrap in an open area to keep an eye on j. but i find i don't have a kitchen table, so my scrap armoire needs to be in a room, outta plain sight, cause you know i don't clean up after i scrap! lol alwyas lots to do, gotta run now! maybe i can blog tom.!!!

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