Monday, November 17

lookie, lookie

i had a blast this weekend! who cares that my kitchen floor is all tore up! literally from the floor up! (ok, well maybe i do care!) but it didn't stop the weekend from happening! i needed those few days away from school and i got to spend time with lots of family & friends.

on friday c & i went on a date! parent's night out at school made this one possible! it was nice, i was tired and sleepy from a long day at school, but we still took advantage of the evening!

then sat. morning was the usual teeball/soccer games. although that was one cold morning so i guess the other teeball team didn't want to play, our team had like 5 lil' players show up at 8 a.m.! then we went to c's bball scrimmage, it's interesting watching the hubby be in charge of the team now, go Head Coach go! then i was able to spend time with the stampin ladies! yep, hung out with Penny, Carri, and Barb! that was really fun! i found out i have a blog stalker! cool! so now just for you Carri, i need to remind myself to post more often! i really didn't want to leave, but i had j's teacher coming over to babysit so that we could go over to my star sis' 30th shindig @ her house. i really wanted to stay home b/c it was chilly out, you know one of those nights you just wanna stay in. but that's my star sis and i just had to go. we hung out there and had lots of jello shots! yummy ones too! my friend's mother was having a little too much fun with those shots! everyone had to keep an eye on her, she was hiding them in her pockets of her jacket!

on sun. we laid in bed for a while and then got going, made ham & cheese omelets for the family and then off to c's grandmother's house to celebrate his grandfather's 80th! came back home to do some cleaning/laundry and here ya go! back into the swing of the wk again! i did find this cool site that i wanted to share with you all, the stalker in particular, just in case she hadn't seen it....tracy's corner

btw, the water damage story....

on sunday we had water under our washing machine. we moved it, cleaned up the water, re-adjusted the hoses and figured that was it! WRONG! the hose was the cheap rubber ones and it had a slow leak where it connects so on monday night after work/dinner i walk into my pantry and hear squishing water under my steps and water seeping out of the laminate floor boards and it has bubbled up like so....


IMG_6661 before pic


IMG_6654 so now we had to file a claim with our homeowners insurance and have a restoration company come out to tear up the floor, soak it up, and have fans running for 3 days to help speed up the evaporation process. after my floor has been torn up:


bummer, right before the holidays too! and it all depends on our insurance person and what they decide as to what happens, we may get the floor matched so it'll be laminate again. which i would really not like to have for the obvious reason, that damn particle board just absorbed that water right up! if they can't match it, they may say to total it out and get a while new floor. another possibility would come into play if the cabinets got damaged too! so now we play the waiting game. it could take up to a week or a month to fix depending on the damage!

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Christine said...

oh my gosh! that would suck but i love the laminate flooring!