Wednesday, December 31

happy new year's eve!

we're ready!
ready for the new year.
ready for new changes in our house.
ready for new things.
ready for new changes in me, personally.

damn that reminds me i need to get to scrappin' more.

ready to be a better wife..... nicer, more caring, more appreciative.
ready to have a mini vacation with my cozy family.
ready to plan big vacations.....i traveled ALOT this year, NEA in Washington, Vegas with hubby & friends, Scrap Retreat in SC.
ready to get to know my online friends more.
ready to see Jess's baby.
possibly ready to plan a baby of our own.
ready for J to start basketball at the Y.
& of course ready for all the other sports he wants to keep up, baseball
ready to try sushi.
ready for another tatt.
ready to take a romantice getaway without any worries.
ready for a garage sale, damn you should see my garage. you can't even walk in it.

needless to say i'm ready, we're ready. bring it on 2009. make it a great year!

here are some recap pics from our holidays & some random ones too....

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