Wednesday, July 15

i got a laptop.....Finally!

it's here....

i've been on it for hours. i'm sure the time will pass when you can pry me off of it. k, now for updates:

-i attended the tally rally in temple, tx at Rockin R Retreats, had a blast
-got lots of layouts to share
-learned a new technique, sewing on layout
-i have a massive wishlist now
-met new friends irl!
-got a new paper trimmer, the tonic
-want to learn more from my friend MartyMar, kwim? wink*

now i'll be updating more often peeps, keep me in mind, you'll have to chk out this blog more often, stay tuned for more updates!


Dolores said...

girl I hope I'm one of those you consider new friend. LOL Wat you want. lol

Staci Compher said...

loved meeting you!!! and you need to share those pole pics...ha,ha!! had a blast in texas...

Patti H said...

Hello Roni. I just posted the close up of the strap you requested of me. It is one of my favs too!!

prashant said...

Oh congrats on your new stove! How did it do?

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