Sunday, October 10

2 A's & in it!

Thought I'd update with a loooonggg overdue post. So what's been going on lately? I ace'd my first sememster in Grad School!!!! Two courses kicked my butt in the summer. Now we're all back in the routine of the school year: me with teaching, my J with his first year in public school & the hubby about to start coaching soon, it's going to be tough working full time and taking one course. BUT, I will survive! I will! I have to, you know?

The other reason I figured I'd make a post?!?!? I need to make a change with something & I have always stated that you can't complain about something without you attempting to being that strong force that enables the change you want......SO........I AM MAKING A CHANGE! I have this fear of failing at this since I have failed so many times over so many years so I will not stated what it is, just know that I am making a change for the betterment of my life. 'nuff said. period. period. period. Have a great Columbus Day! I'm out!

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