Thursday, August 30

missing you.

My mojo went out the window as fast as it could when I had to report back at school. I'm totally missing scrapping!! A few of us got together last weekend and had a few beverages, but I did no scrapping. yep, none. :( I had an absolute blast hanging with all the girlies though. That was so much fun, we talked and talked. Reminded me of the high school days when the girls just gab away. That was us.

I miss scrapping.
I miss the "my time".
I miss logging in at tally.
I miss my free-no work time.
I miss hanging out with my son.
I miss taking him to SeaWorld.
I miss seeing my hubby for more than 1 hour in a day.
I miss making all of us breakfast for more than one day a week-Sundays.
I miss sleeping late.
Oh boy, do I miss my sleep.
I miss being stressed free.
I miss alot of things right now.

I want to get my creavitiy going again.
I want to have a few drinks.
I want to hang out with my friends.
I want to go on an grown up night out. No kids.
I want to go out to a club and dance with my hubby.

I see kids all week, all day
and then I have my little one at home too.
I worked from 7:30 am to 5:20 pm today.
I usually work all day, pick up my son, cook us dinner, hang out with him for a few hours, try to catch one of my shows, sneak on the net for a few mins., give my son a bath, do the night routine and then put him to bed.
By that time,
I'm done.

Thanks, needed to vent.
Needed to get that out.


Manthaanne said...

OH honey we are on the same page here! I wish I had advice, my mojo is still on walkabout and my room is still trashed. We need a margarita and a pedicure!

Leah said...

It will come back in full force before you know it! {{big hugs}}