Saturday, August 11

Do you ever have time?

time to do it all?

there's people i know in this net world who are always blogging (have like 3 of them), scrap like nobody's business, complete all challenges, daily life scrapping, and deck of me cards, are uploading layouts to flickr to share with others, uploading layouts to scrap submit, and printing their pics at home to start that whole cycle over again?

oh & did i mention they always have the newest product which means they are either at their local scrapbook store snatching it up before everyone else, or surfing the net ordering off of a site! geez, more time on the computer. oh and let's not forget chatting with friends and posting messages on the boards.

lately i've been on the computer ALOT! which means i've been surfing b/c you guys know i have not been blogging. i joke with the husband that i need a laptop with wireless internet so that at least i could go to bed early.
how do some of you guys do this?

oh i think i can add another thing to that list... they also have time to edit their digi pics! do you have time to do all this?

aren't there kids to bathe, mouths to cook for, houses to clean, errands to run, ways to earn $?????? could i add more to THAT list?


Jess said...

I haven't found a balance either, or else I'd be caught up on homework and scrapping! Now, I neglect homework and scrap away!!

Kimberly said...

I know right?! then just wait until your kid gets old enough to fight for the one computer in the house! (yeah I hope santa brings us a laptop) I have more of a problem feeling overwhelmed by the talent that I see and not feeling good enough so sometimes I stay a way from galleries and stuff.

again, congrats on getting to teach that class!! (I will be needing a private session) :)

Katie said...

Oh Heidi Swapp...that's a woman I would like to shadow for a few days to learn her secrets!

Manthaanne said...

I know what you mean! THose people always have clean houses and cook nutritous meals too! Damn them!

Christine said...

NERD once asked me how does Donna Downey do it all? I have no clue. I wish I was so productive.

mindakms said...

Um...I might be one of those annoying people...and I guess how I do it is I:
1) never watch tv
2) barely sleep at all
3) drink lots of caffiene
and the most important way I pull it all off the secret to my success...
4) I live in a small apartment with almost no maintenance and cleaning and cooking are something I occassionally do.

See, you don't want to be like us, we are BAD!