Tuesday, January 22

Almost there!

I'm getting excited that I'm getting close to accomplishing my LOAD goal of 31 lo's in 31 days. So it got me to thinking about my next scrapping goal for the year of 2008?

I was thinking I was going to shoot for 1/2 of 365, for the days in the year. But, I thought damn that's way too much. like 80 something too much.

So, my next thought, maybe 110 layouts, that'll be 52 weeks x's 2.

I think that is a goal I can make. Hey and if I surpass it then Hell Yea!

Wish me luck... or maybe make a new goal suggestion... any ideas?


Sarah said...

I think you can definately rock the 110! Go for it girl!

Staci Compher said...

good luck with your goal.....you can do it!!!

Rachel Whetzel said...

You can totally do that!! Just don't forget, that if you don't have anything you WANT to scrap, that's OK too!!

Boriquaz said...

I started on Dec 15 my stash diet of 50 LO's before I buy anything new. I'm on LO 43, 7 more to go. That would be 50 lo's in about two months or so. You can do it!!!