Tuesday, January 1

new year, new challenge

I dare you to sign up for 31 layouts in 31 days.....

I think I'm out of my own mind myself, so why don't you join me?

I first heard of this challenge through tallyscrapper. My initial thought was "hell no" I'm not going to be able to do this. But, I JUST have to take it on. What's a challenge meant to do anyhow? Challenge you!!!!! Okay to be perfectly honest, shhhhhh don't tell any1, but you have a chance to win some prizes too. So that helped in the convincing! Run over to check it out for yourself, it's called:

Get a LOAD of This!
January's Layout-a-Day Challenge

Challenge yourself.
Hey, I figured it's winter, it's cold. It's basketball season still. The hubby's coaching therefore, not home much. I work during the day. I have my son every night, therefore I feel like a single mom. I'll put him to bed and scrap the stress away.
Join me.
I dare you.
Take on the challenge.
I double dare you.

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