Monday, April 6

Scrappy April

I said I'd do some stuff scrap related over at Tallyscrapper. It's called Scrappy April. I have half my desk clean. & i haven't really been able to get busy crafting much. I really wish i didn't work! shoot, i wish i had more money to buy scrappy stuff!

I've been busy! I ran/walked the Race for the Cure on Saturday, along with 30,000 other San Antonians. It was a good experience that I will have to do again! This time I hope C can join me. He had to coach J's t-ball game that morning. And that afternoon he had a soccer game too! That boy is all sporty, I often wonder if his love for sports will continue? Time will tell.

I got one of the side effects from my antibiotic. A horrible side effect. I had to do something quick to get that straighten out. Too bad that evening J went with my parents and we could of gone out. But this incident had us turn in early that evening. boo. I hate not being able to take advantage of the night off of mommy duties!

well off i go to start the work week. good thing is that i'm off on friday. i hope to get some scrappy stuff in that day. but who knows, we'll probably end up at sea world! just like this sunday, j loves watching the dolphin show with "the crazy man". he got to see him after the show....


MaRLeNeF said...

Hey girl, Oh I say that every day LOL I’m sitting here at work and I’m dying to scrap LOL I have off Friday also, hope you get some scrappy stuff done. Congrats on doing the Race for the Cure! Feel better & have a great day :) xxx Marlene

Ginajam said...

we miss sea world so much!!!!!