Wednesday, September 26

Does it happen in 3's????

I was in a 3 car accident this morning. I got rear ended!!! I'm ok, although my neck is sore & stiffening up. I've never really been in a car accident it totally freaked me out. Luckily my dh was not too far away as we were both on our way to school/work. He stopped by and stayed with me. I had a Dr's appt. & they took xrays. I'm just thankful my ds was not with me. The back of my PT Cruiser is very badly damaged. The back is all flat so it just got pushed in further and the bumper is really messed up. The other car barely had any dents, a few scratches. I'll post pics later!

All in all, bottom line, no one was really hurt. My neck is sore. {My ds's was at daycare, I'm grateful he was not with me.} The other car I bumped had no damage, so she left. And the person that hit me was fine.

The 3's title? ds had strep last Mon., took him in yesterday for croup, & now the car accident! wow!


Manthaanne said...

Oh Roni you poor thing!!!! Please watch your neck and back. I was reaer ended 2 years ago and have had alot of problems since. Whiplash is not a myth! Take care of yourself.

GINAJAM said...

Holy cow! That really stinks. I for awful for you...I know how hard being in an accident is. The inconvenience of it all...such a headache!! I really hope you are ok. Like Sam said, you never know what you'll feel like in a week or a month. I hope it all turns out for you.

P.S. I did not get your yahoo email about Friday. I have it on my calendar tho and cleared it with the DH. Hope to talk soon...