Wednesday, September 26

Oh my, I forgot

I so forgot to show off my lss sb911's garage sale find. Take a look at these pics loaded with stuff & I forgot to add 4 packs of Chatter Box alhpa's & some rub-ons! Read about their sale on their blog. There's a pic of me digging around for stuff.


GINAJAM said...

Ok girl...where DID you find those thickers? Especially the vinyl ones? I so want to get my hands on some of those!! I got some in one of my monthly kits and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!

You scored big time...I should have stuck with you the whole time!!

Manthaanne said...

Poor thing! I am so sorry about your accident. Take care of yourself!

Awesome score at 911!

Manthaanne said...

FOrgot to mention about Friday. Ifound out on Sunday that we have a Sunday school get together at 7:00 but maybe I can come by after? Let me know how late you think everyone will be there!