Sunday, September 30

Fun Fun Fun

I had a blast scrapping at my house on Fri. Night. There were some awesome people busy making awesome stuff. Just want to say thanks to everyone who came. I enjoyed each & every one of you.

Sam, oh wowie wow, she cracks me up. I could listen to her talk for hours.

Marty's book is great, I can't wait to see the finished product. Getting messy is so much fun. That's the joy in creating. And boy did she get messy & creative!

Kim made a mum for her son. He's going to love it and really be grateful that his was made & not store bought!

Gina, what can I say, I love her style. And she is a sweetheart!

Can anyone imagine what would it have been like had we started earlier......Those who were here you know what I mean.

I had a total B-L-A-S-T!


Manthaanne said...

It was SOOOOO Much fun! We have to do it again before I head out for Ohio!

GINAJAM said...

Roni...thank you so much for having us over. I had the best time. i hope we can do it again. Hope you enjoyed your night out!!

Vee said...

you hung out with Gina!! so jealous :)

MartyGentry said...

thannk you!!

i had FUUUN!

we must do it again!! :)