Thursday, March 20

SC Tally Rally

It's so on! I played the "october's my birthday" card to get $$$ from our budget for the South Carolina Tally Rally. Read all about it on Jan's blog. There's a list of awesome scrappers going. Not to mention it's being held at Scrapbook Creations, they have a Scrapbook Cottage. I'm so excited! Can October get here fast enough? I have a very, very close friend who lives in Rockhill, SC too. I've yet to visit her. I'm gonna see if she would like to join. It may be hard to leave my family and miss a day from work, but I'm sure I'll quickly forget once I get to scrapping! Have a great Good Friday!

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Ginajam said...

is this all done with or can we still help you out?? Let me know! That would be fun!! Hope you're well! Time to update your blog :-)