Saturday, March 1

to kit or not to kit?

i finally decided to snatch up a kit from Red Velvet Girls! I've been eyeballing those kits for a while now. Love all the stuff that comes in their kits! I finally have a few extra bills to donate to my scrap fund. Being in debt bites, but I can happily say it's being worked on and my DH has allotted "Roni" $ to spend as I please! Take a look at my closet and you can tell I need to update the wardrobe. But do you think I'd spend my money on clothes or scrapping supplies? yep. you know the answer to that one.

on a different note, DH's done with coaching. done forever? not quite sure yet. but for now! we are having more family time and us time, so where'd my scrap time go? I need to sneak some time for me to scrap.
and scrap soon.
i'm feenin'.
but, with my recent kit purchase, hopefully you'll see me get back the mojo!
seems like the LOAD challenge sucked up my scrapping juices.
will it flow again?
soon. i hope.


Kimberly said...

hey girlie, sure do miss ya! Hope we can get together soon and scrap :) Hugs!

Kristina said...

Just checking in to see if you're ok! Haven't seen you over at Tally for a few day....hope all's well!

aka skrapgirl

Manthaanne said...

How fun to have "special" money! I hope the kit is lots of fun!

MartyGentry said...

OMG, stick with it, I can live vicariously thru you! LOL


P to the A to the T to the T to the Y said...

Hello there!!!! I hear ya on the Red Velvet Kit, I cave din a bought one as well. Its sitting on my floor just waiting for its moment to shine:) I Love love Stephanie's "Wonder Year" line, cant wait to create with it. Have fun with yours!!!