Wednesday, March 19

We tried!

Well, we tried to go to Sea World, just dh & I, day got off to a slow start. I hung out for a while at Tally and SIS. So you know that took up some time! There's great scrap inspiration over there and meeting other online scrappers is always fun. I wish I was out of debt to attend all these Meet-up Crops going on. I tell myself in due time, in due time.

Okay, back to the Sea World story, we drove over there, like 10 mins. from my house, took 4-eva to find parking, get in, and then just decided it's way, WAY, way too crowded to stay and wait for ride. Instead what did we do?
Scrounged up the last few bucks we had and stopped off at DQ for a banana split. We had to share. Enjoyable adult time with my dh still happened, just not kidless at Seaworld. We both figured, hey we're teachers we can come back on a less crowded day in the summer. One of the luxuries of teaching! Ever heard the saying, The best 3 things about this job? June, July, & August! lol :P

oh btw, finally created a lo using the kit from RVKC....


Debee Campos said...

What a bummer! No Shamu! :(
But oh my goodness you guys made up for it with DQ banana splits!!!! YAY!!!!!

So funny what you said about 3 good things about being teachers- my sisters totally understand. They always leave to some cruise without me LOL!
So glad you had fun :)

Ginajam said...

oh girl...i know what you are talking about at SW. WE tried the Zoo yesterday and it was NUTS! After we finally found a spot and got in, Lauren had a meltdown and blew it for us. We left shortly after!!

Love your layout...I was wondering when we'd see some of your work!! I would love to scrap on Friday, but we are going to Big D for Easter. BUMMER!!! I hope we can try for another time tho...Happy Easter!

Leah C said...

What is RVK.. (can't remember the rest.. ugh) LOL
GORGEOUS Layout.. and I wish you could attend the rally in SC! I'm still not 100% yet, but I wanna. So happy you and Dh had some nice time together!